Finding Used Box Trucks Online

Used box trucks range in size, style, and in price. There are a lot of different makes and models you can choose from if you want to buy one of many used box trucks too. You will have to spend some of your time comparing your options before you buy: you can view used trucks online first and find local sellers near you.

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When you are in need of used box trucks you need to give consideration to the truck’s features.

You can then narrow down the selection to a few used box trucks you will want to check out in person.

About Used Box Trucks

When you are in need of used box trucks you need to give consideration to the truck’s features.  If the truck weighs more than 25999 pounds you may require a CDL license to drive the vehicle.  In addition, you want to know all about the truck’s interior and exterior dimensions to ensure you can use the truck for hauling what you need to haul.  Interior features are equally important: you need to examine the cabin area of the truck, the conveniences you are supplied with, and you will want to find out if getting used parts is easy for the type of vehicle you are thinking about buying.

Some sellers of used box trucks offer financing options.  You will want to shop around to see if they are offering good financing rates or if you will be better off buying the vehicle outright.  You will also want to see if the vehicles are covered by a warrantee and what the warrantee covers.  Sometimes it is beneficial if you invest in an extended warranty to cover the major components on the used box truck that you buy.  If you are at all unsure about what a warranty covers, talk with the truck seller and become perfectly clear on the warranty coverage before you actually buy a used box truck.  You don’t want to falsely assume something is covered when it isn’t, only to find out later that you have an expensive repair on your hands.

Finding Used Box Trucks Online


Penske is a company that sells used box trucks, refrigerated trucks, CDL van trucks, flatbed trucks, tractors, used trailers, used specialty trucks, and more.  This company has used box trucks that have a gross weight between 8600 and 14050 pounds. The used box trucks also have 4.8L V8 or 6.0L V8 engines.  The can generate anything from 255 horsepower to 325 horsepower.  The trucks on offer come with a spring suspension, a gas or diesel operated engine, an automatic transmission, and they are commonly yellow or white in color.  This company has locations throughout the United States where you can buy used box trucks at low prices.  The perform a 70 point inspection on all of the used trucks that they sell to ensure they are of high quality and within the guidelines established by the truck manufacturer.  They offer 12 foot and 16 foot GMC or Ford models as well as HiCube offerings.  For more information visit


Enterprise sells used vans and used box trucks.  This company has trucks that range from 24 to 26 feet in length for cargo delivery and they also have 16 foot cabover used trucks for city use.  These trucks often weigh between 14000 and 25999 pounds so you do not require a CDL license to operate them.  They are equipped with power brakes, power steering, E-Track, wood tie slats, diesel engines, automatic gearboxes, air conditioning, tuck away lift gates, rear rollup doors, driver’s air ride seats, and more.  Enterprise ensures no haggle pricing, a 90 point inspection of the vehicle, vehicle certification, a 30 day/3000 mile limited powertrain warranty, and a seven day repurchase agreement with the entire used box trucks that they sell.  This company also supplies you with financing options.  You can also get extended service contracts too.  Models on offer include the Ford F650, F650 XL, Freightliner business class trucks, GMC W4500, Hino 268, Hino 268A, and International 4300 among others.  For more details visit

More Used Box Trucks Online


Ryder® sells used box trucks at an array of different prices.  They also sell cargo vans, delivery trucks, refrigerated trucks, flatbed trucks, Sprinter vans, and heavy duty trucks, used trailers, and specialized equipment.  Makes and models on offer include Freightliner, Ford, Hino, Sprinter, GM, Navistar International, Isuzu, Kenworth, Mack, Mitsubishi, and Sterling.  You can choose the type of truck you are looking for on the site or you can browse by make, model, year, transmission type, vehicle number, zip code or location.  You are provided with images of the used box trucks for sale, pricing details, and data related to body type, body length, engine make, horsepower, transmission type, mileage, wheelbase, brake type, color, body height, engine model, weight, transmission model, transmission speed, rear door style, and more.  For full details visit

Trucker to

Trucker to has an array of used trucks, including box trucks on offer.  Makes on offer include Mack, ABC, American Transportation Corp, Autocar, Capacity, Carver, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Ford, Dodge, Freightliner, GMC, Grumman, Hino, Huber, Hummer, IMT, International, Isuzu, Kenworth, and Lorain.  You are provided with details about the vehicle’s pricing, location, mileage, VIN, color, drive type, engine type, gross vehicle weight, internal height, lift gate, suspension, drivetrain, width, engine, doors, fuel type, horsepower, length, and transmission.  You can also view slideshows of the used box trucks for sale on this site.  For more information visit


U-Haul sells cargo vans, pickups, and used box trucks.  The used box trucks on offer range in size from 10 feet to 24 feet in length.  Prices for their trucks start as low as $3995.00.  You can view the trucks they have on offer online and you are supplied with 30 days of phone support after you purchase the vehicle.  You are supplied with details about the truck’s capacity, features, dimensions, mechanical components, and more.  You can get used box trucks featuring things like roll up rear doors, pull out aluminum ramps, power steering, power brakes, fiberglass flip forward hoods, air conditioning,  and stereos.  Find out more by visiting